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The best quick service restaurant in each Walt Disney World Resort theme park

Over more recent years, Walt Disney World® Resort has become known for its many table service restaurants and unique dining opportunities. With busy days full of high step counts, some guests still prefer the balance of a faster, smaller meal that still maintains the same ingenuity and quality as Disney's table service restaurants.

Disney's uptick in quality and creativity at its table service restaurants has translated to its quick service restaurants too, creating an abundance of quality dining on a budget—whether that be of time or finances.

Casey's Corner

There is good debate in every circle I've been in on which quick service restaurant is truly the best at Magic Kingdom® Park, but few are better themed, with better quality and with more creativity than the park's original quick service, Casey's Corner.

It keeps its menu simple, but what it does with hot dogs is still better than almost anywhere else in the area, not to mention its rotating themed hot dogs and its beloved corndog nuggets. A flawless epitome of the Main Street, U.S.A. Area, Casey's Corner is a constant success in simple-but-effective dining.

Satu'li Canteen

Perhaps the best quick service in any theme park, Disney's Animal Kingdom® already boasts a strong variety of excellent, creative quick service options. Chief among them is Satu'li Canteen, with its highly customizable menu and selection of excellently prepared proteins. A fantastic option for those who want to avoid typical fast food greases and sugars, providing a meal that is as energizing as it is hearty and filling.

Docking Bay 7

We're advocates for promoting inventiveness in dining while still providing options that picky eaters can find comfortable, and Docking Bay 7 compliments both of those desires flawlessly. While there are certainly great Easter Eggs for dedicated Star Wars fans, the food for non-fans is still great, using Disney's creative resources to draw up a menu that puts clever, exciting twists on familiar, traditionally simple dishes.

If you're in Disney's Hollywood Studios®, this is a must-eat.

Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

From Regal Eagle Smokehouse, to Yorkshire County Fish Shop, to either of the spots in Mexico to any of the stops in between (and come on, we really wanted to talk about the festival booths, but it felt like cheating), you cannot go wrong with quick service dining in EPCOT®, especially if you're doing it in World Showcase.

But France's quick service staple reigns supreme in both variety and quality. Not super hungry because you picked at some of the festival booths or just want something sweet? Want a heavier sandwich? Just want a baguette (for excellent prices, might we add)? Les Halles has it all, and it's all good, too.

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