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The best places to watch Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After has returned to Magic Kingdom® Park, but with some updates come opportunities to get excellent views from more locations in the park.

Close to the Castle Stage

The grandest, closest view of the show is in the small area in front of the Cinderella Castle stage. Depending on crowd levels, we've found securing a spot in this section does not always require intense wait times. This places you close to the action, and shorter guests will have no problem seeing the spectacular as the iconic Cinderella Castle towers tall over everyone standing nearby.

Standing in this surreal location does mean you'll lose some of the depth of the show, as several effects occur to the sides and behind you, and some of the projections can appear lower resolution when you're so close. Still, the enormity of watching the show so close to the castle provides an unbeatable rush.

By the Partners Statue

Standing just in front of—or a little behind—the iconic statue of Walt and Mickey gives the most balanced, central viewing experience of Happily Ever After. This is our overall favorite spot, but securing a spot for your party is often time consuming. It is also the hardest to leave, as no matter the direction, you will have to wade between a sea of guests as they head out the park or to other lands.

If your party is content with waiting, this remains a spot like no other, with powerful, three-dimensional effects and the perfect distance from Cinderella Castle.

At the Back of Main Street, U.S.A. Area

Main Street, U.S.A. is now decorated throughout the show with project mapping that aligns with the castle's, delivering new layers to the beloved spectacular. This requires the least amount of time, gives you the most to see and provides the easiest and fastest way to exit the park. You won't be quite so close to the action, but you get a ton of benefits in the place of it.

From the Resorts

There are tons of excellent viewing locations across the Magic Kingdom Park area resort hotels (theme park view room at Disney's Contemporary Resort, anyone?), but one of our favorites remains the beach at Disney's Polynesian Resort. Getting a seat requires you to be there a bit early, but you can bring beach towels to sit on or stand anywhere along the beach to see the fireworks from across the lake.

There's a central view of Cinderella Castle, and the resort plays music throughout the area. Though the music can be lower than when in Magic Kingdom Park, and guests are more prone to side conversations as they relax in their resort, this is the perfect place to watch the show when you've finished—or don't have—a park day.

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