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The best Disney music you might be missing out on

There’s nothing to help ease the blues of being away from the Disney parks like the perfect soundtrack, whether from a Disney film or the parks themselves. Avid fans have heard their favorite songs too many times to count, but Disney remedies that by having commissioned alternate versions of their music that are just as good as the originals.

We Love Disney

It’s common for films, including those published by Disney, to have famous musicians and popstars cover a few songs from the movies, but “We Love Disney” takes that concept to the next level with new orchestrations of some of Disney’s most popular songs, sung by some of the most famous voices in current music. The production’s quite good, and it’s a fun way to experience Disney’s classics. Jason Derulo’s rendition of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and Ariana Grande’s take on “Zero to Hero” are some of the best the album has to offer.

Jazz Loves Disney

There are two volumes of this, and both are equally as fantastic. It’s a more mellow version of many of the Disney songs it covers, and the quality often compares with the original. It’s perfect for studying, reading, or just those days when you need something a little more subdued in the background. It’s a vastly different take than a lot of other covers and versions of the song, and it more than deserves its place on this list. The first album’s “When You Wish Upon a Star” and the second’s “So This is Love” aren’t just standouts, but they’re so good you’ll find yourself sliding them into your regular Disney playlists.

The Sherman Brothers Songbook

The Sherman Brothers wrote more film musical scores than anyone else ever has, and are responsible for creating the ever-famous “It’s a Small World” along with a ton of the theme parks’ other classics. The brothers worked for Walt Disney, and so a lot of music on their compilation album provides a window into a time where Walt was still alive. The two-disc album is loaded with their most iconic music, and Disney fans would do themselves a great service by taking this walk down memory lane.

Say Magical Vacations does not claim the rights to any of the music listed above.

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