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The best Disney dining values

Some dining offers have changed during the pandemic while some have remained almost exactly the same, but the overall shift in the dining landscape has led to new, value-rich experiences. With shorter booking windows and capacity changes, it has become easier to get some reservations that are typically unavailable, and the value of some of them has increased due to their availability, recent changes or simply the menus they have always had. Below are the three table-service locations that give the best value for the money currently:

Chef Mickey’s Each of the three best values currently are located outside of the theme parks, as the more limited park operating hours means you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast or dinner after a day in the parks rather than using valuable parks time on food (although if you’re looking to dine in a theme park restaurant you have had your eye on for a while, now would prove a great opportunity).

Chef Mickey’s is among the best restaurants with changes due to the pandemic. There are no longer characters in the restaurant, but with that the price has dropped. Breakfast is our favorite meal here, and it gets better at $25 per person. Rather than it being buffet-style, Chef Mickey’s has turned to all-you-care-to-enjoy, which means all of the buffet options are served fresh directly to your table, and you can order more of each item as you see fit. There is a ton of variety, the quality is high and the volume of food will keep you going throughout a busy park morning.

Whispering Canyon Whispering Canyon is mostly its usual format, with an all-you-care-to-enjoy menu (you might be noticing a trend). At $34 per person, rather than getting a pre-selected food spread, each guest can pick from a number of skillets and customize the variety they receive. There are a ton of options, and the quality of the barbecue is high.

Toppolino’s Terrace One of Disney’s newest restaurants quickly became known for its quality of food—which still holds true—but it is also one of the few places on property that currently offer character dining. Though a modified experience where character will not interact with you directly at your table, they still take time to visit from a distance. This makes the character breakfast one of the most unique experiences currently available on property when the food alone was already worth the price of admission.

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