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Ten attractions you can only find in Disneyland Park

Updated: May 16

Each Disney destination has its own benefits, and chief among the theme parks are their immersive, storytelling attractions with theming that diversifies them from all other theme park rides in the world. Each Disney park stakes its claim on a different set of attractions, and though Disneyland® Resort in California and Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida share many, they both have a host of attractions to call their own.

Disneyland Park®, one of Disneyland Resort’s two parks, most closely resembles Magic Kingdom® Park. Being that it was Walt’s original park, it still holds unique attractions and iconic pieces of what Walt originally envisioned that Florida never got to call its own. More intimate and tightly knit than Magic Kingdom Park’s stunning grandness, some of Disneyland Park’s newer, original attractions feel most home alongside the classics.

Note that the following attractions are only exclusives when considering the United States Disney destinations, though most of the attractions feature differences from their counterparts in the international parks. Disneyland Park’s original attractions include:

The Disneyland Story presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Though it has seen numerous changes since it first debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair, this attraction still holds much of Walt Disney’s charm and ideals. The current version, which premiered in 2009, features a synthesis of several of the previous show’s lines and themes. Even as the animatronic has been replaced, it still stands for moments of the show to recite cleaned-up lines from the original.

Indiana Jones® Adventure

Featuring one of Disneyland Park’s most immersive queues, Indiana Jones Adventure pulls guests into its heart-stopping race for treasure as soon as guests walk past its entrance. It was the original attraction to implement the vehicle system and ride track as Walt Disney World Resort’s Dinosaur, so fans of one have plenty to love about the other. Despite their mechanical and structural similarities, the storylines, and thus the attractions’ experiences, are entirely different.

Pyrotechnic effects and appearances by the iconic Indiana Jones make this high-octane adventure one of Disneyland Park’s most unforgettable.

Storybook Land Canal Boats

Sitting guests in the same style of small boats as seen in theme park and fair attractions all over the world, this outdoor boat ride takes guests through miniature versions of classic Disney films. A relaxing, family-friendly stroll through slow-moving waterways helps even the pace around the park’s more thrilling attractions.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage® Attraction Inspired by Disney•Pixar’s Finding Nemo

In another water-centric attraction, guests join Nemo and friends below the surface. This retake on 1959’s Submarine Voyage combines Finding Nemo with a classic voyage under the sea. All these years after the original debuted, this remains as one of Disneyland Park’s most unique and interesting ride vehicle systems.

Matterhorn Bobsleds® Attraction

The star of an episode of The Imagineering Story, one of Disney+’s best new original series, this set of interweaving coasters stands above much of Disneyland Park. Modeled after a real-world mountain in the Alps, this rocketing attraction presents one of Disneyland Park’s roughest, wildest thrills.

The Dark Rides

Disneyland Park does dark rides better than anywhere else in the world. These slower, indoor rides transport guests into the stories they are based on, creating unforgettable moments and scenes. Similar in genre, each of these attractions provide a memorable experience with vastly different storylines.

Disneyland Park’s dark rides include attractions featured around the films of iconic characters, including Pinocchio, Roger Rabbit, Mr. Toad and Alice in Wonderland.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures® Attraction

This dark ride bares a slightly different history than the others in the park, as it once had its own version in Magic Kingdom Park. Since 2012, Disneyland’s attraction has been the only available in North America. It is the only attraction in the park to feature Disney’s first film, opening just 17 years after the movie first debuted.

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