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Small My Disney Experience features that can make a big vacation difference

The My Disney Experience app is a sprawling, powerful tool, that with services like Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, dining reservations and wait times, guests now have more control of their vacation's flow in the palms of their hands than ever. But amid all the app's spectacle are a few smaller, simpler features that make for major quality-of-life changes so guests can spend more time in the parks, and less on their phone.

Disney Magic Mobile

A personal favorite, this feature brings your park ticket or annual pass to the wallet app on your phone, conveniently placing all the tools you need in the device you're likely to carry with you the most. Forgot your MagicBand, or prefer to roll without one? You can now use your phone for everything you would have used your MagicBand for, meaning you will likely never be without the tool most useful to your vacation.

The Linking Code

One of My Disney Experience's newest features, the linking code has made it easier than ever to link accounts with friends and family so you can make reservations together. By clicking on the "My Account" button on the app's last tab, you can scroll to reach the linking code, a QR code that friends and family can scan to instantly share details with your account.

The Festival Hub

Scrolling down the app's home screen reveals the link to a hub for the current EPCOT® festival, which contains dining booth menus, itineraries and a host of additional festival information. Though the paper festival guides serve as a great guide as well, this makes it easy to plan in advance or on the fly from either EPCOT or another park entirely.

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