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Should you travel to Universal in the fall if you aren't attending Halloween Horror Nights?

Updated: May 17

We previously put out a guide to help determine whether or not Halloween Horror Nights is too scary an event for some guests to attend, and while that decision is ultimately up to the guest, what about the rest of the park outside of the party? Is there enough time to do everything before the parties start?

It is common to have some of the best vacation time of the year in the fall with breaks from school and finally cooling weather in Central Florida, so what should you do if you are not attending Halloween Horror Nights?

Scare Level

Those worried about scares during the day's standard park hours can be put at ease with the idea that no scare actors make any appearance before the party. Though props for many of the areas still remain in place, they are not operational and guests need not be afraid of jump scares or surprises.


The event happens on select nights throughout the fall, starting at 6:30 p.m. on most nights. Though best to attend the parks on days when the party is going, rope-dropping Universal and and spending time in the parks until 6:30 is more than enough time over the course of a vacation to see and do everything. There are several points throughout the year where the parks close around that time without any events occurring, and so with Halloween Horror Nights being a late-night event, there is plenty of time for day guests to enjoy the parks.

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