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Should you go to Universal Orlando Resort if you don't like thrill rides?

Universal Orlando Resort has become known for its stellar thrill rides, furthered by the advent of the new Jurassic World Velocicoaster. Though it has held the reputation of being an outstanding destination for thrill-seekers for quite some time, it begs to wonder if Universal Orlando Resort is as good a vacation destination for those who prefer aspects of theme parks aside from thrills.

Non-Thrill Offerings

Universal Orlando Resort, between both its parks, has eight roller coasters, seven simulators, four drop-based rides and nineteen more relaxed rides and shows. That makes, depending how you qualify the rides yourself, an even split between thrill and non-thrill attractions. Value will be down to the individual to calculate, but combining that number of attractions, spending time in the Universal's best-themed areas, shopping and dining experiences lends to content that can fill a short vacation on its own.

Universal's two Orlando theme parks are expansive and require more than a singular day to see everything they offer, and even trimming those offerings down might still prove to offer a multi-day experience.

Outside of the Parks

A Universal Orlando Resort vacation offers more than just the in-park experience, as there are a myriad of opportunities just outside in CityWalk. From dining, to bars, to miniature golf, to movies, CityWalk provides an enormous array of activities for all ages.

Universal's resort hotels also offer a host of amenities, not least of which are its grand swimming pools and relaxation areas. Universal still offers enough outside of the parks for those who want a slower vacation to fill their needs.


Universal Orlando Resort is known for its thrills, as it should be—its coasters and intense ride experiences are truly worth beholding. Still, those who prefer less intense rides and shows have the same number of choices as those who like the wilder experiences, and that comes before adding additional experiences outside of the park.

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