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Should you dine at festival booths or restaurants when visiting EPCOT?

EPCOT's trendsetting festivals bring dozens of dining booths and even more dishes to the Walt Disney World® Resort theme park with the best dining options already. So, if you're traveling while one of its famed festivals are running, how do you decide what to eat?

If it is your first time at an EPCOT festival, make the decision easy and take your time strolling through World Showcase and experiencing all the dining options the event has to offer. It's truly a unique dining experience, filled with quality, affordable cuisine that gives perspective to dining from places other than where the theme parks are located.

If dining is a vacation priority, EPCOT is worth visiting for more than a single day during your trip, even if splitting it into half-days, in order to make the most out of its festival experiences while still giving guests the opportunity to eat at one of its many fantastic restaurants.

The festivals add such a unique twist to the traditional theme park experience that they have become endemic to taking an EPCOT trip, reshaping the way guests interact not just with food, but with the theme park itself.

While it is hard to suggest turning away from any of the phenomenal restaurants in EPCOT, those with a dining reservation should still make time to eat and explore the festivals' many offerings.

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