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How to secure seats at Universal's most coveted restaurants

Updated: May 16

Some restaurants and food locations are especially coveted at Universal Orlando Resort, with lines growing long and reservations filling up at a handful of specific locations. Though there are many fantastic dining locations on Universal property, a little know-how can go a long way to securing a spot at that that are coveted most.

The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen

Visible from across CityWalk, this towering chocolate factory has become the de facto icon of Universal dining. The food and gourmet milkshakes are worth their enormous reputation, though it can often be difficult to get any of them. Toothsome sometimes accepts walk-ups when crowds are low, but that has been a less-frequent occurrence in recent days.

Toothsome requires reservations on most days—especially if you want to dine after the parks close—but you cannot make dining reservations on the Universal Orlando Resort app. Instead, you can go online, walk directly up to the restaurant’s podium or call in at (407) 224-3663. You or your travel agent will want to call at least 3 weeks in advance of your reservation, if not further in advance, to help secure a table on your desired date and time. Reservations can be reserved at most about a month in advance.

Leaky Cauldron

Though it isn’t always easy to get a seat at the table at any of the Harry Potter restaurants, that has proven especially true for the Leaky Cauldron. Though the line starts outside, it also winds in an often-unseen indoors location, too. You have to mobile order through the Universal Orlando Resort app on your phone, so your best bet to secure a spot in line is to dine earlier than conventional dining hours (as in prior to noon) and begin your mobile order once you have already joined the line outside.

Additional Tips for Your Favorites

Though both Toothsome and Leaky Cauldron have, in my experience, been the most difficult restaurants to get into, peak crowd levels make many other favorites just as tough.

The tips thus remain the same for additional restaurants, though maybe requiring less dedication than the most coveted restaurants. If your restaurant of choice requires a reservation—namely those in CityWalk along with Mythos—try searching the restaurant on Google and booking there, or calling into the number listed 3-4 weeks out of the reservation. Though some do offer you to sign up the evening of dinner, it is hit or miss and dependent on day and location, so you’re better off making a reservation than not.

For any location listed on the Universal Orlando Resort smartphone app as being available for mobile ordering, order your food while on the way to your destination, rather than waiting to order and hanging around before making your way there. You’ll waste less time, and can get seated more quickly if you’re willing to dine earlier or later than the usual lunch rush.

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