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Say Magical Vacations is in Disneyland! What’s up with that?

Updated: May 16

For the first time, the owner of Say Magical Vacations, Sadie Fangue, and this blog’s editor, Collin Brazan, are visiting Disneyland® Resort in California.

That’s great, but what does it have to do with you?

For starters, it means blog content is changing. Previously, two posts a week were dedicated  Walt Distoney World® Resort in Florida, but now each week will see a post centered around both Florida and California’s destinations. The amount of content you are reading will not change, but the variety of it will.

In addition to new types of posts, video will be coming soon to the Say Magical family of content. More on what that entails will be announced in October.

Social media is being taken to the next level, too. More pictures, more color and more information will be found across the board on Say Magical’s Facebook (Say Magical Vacations) and Instagram (@saymagicalvacations).

Disneyland® Resort is new to some of us, which means we’ve got plenty to share. The trip will impact all of our agency, with more real-world experience in Walt’s original park meaning we now have additional resources when you are interested in traveling there.

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