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Our must-do attractions in Islands of Adventure

No theme park has a better, more diverse collection of thrill rides than Islands of Adventure. With such a robust collection, prioritizing your must-do rides before you arrive in the park is the perfect way to ensure you get on everything you want.

Here are our favorites:

Jurassic World Velocicoaster

It is not just the newest roller coaster in Orlando, it is also the best. Velocicoaster is one of the park's highest thrills, but its track is so smooth and so surprising that it feels closer to a cinematic experience than the roller coaster it appears to be. Forced perspective takes the experience to a level unseen by most attractions, making this a must-do every time we go to the park.

Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Even after the excitement of its newness wore off, the excitement over the coasters ingenuity remained. A ride that will likely stand the test of time, creative mechanics and an innovative track make for one of the most unique coaster experiences around. And though certainly thrilling, the abstinence from the most extreme track formations make this a thrill everyone can enjoy.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

The attraction that kickstarted Universal's digital revolution is still the best of them all, masterfully blending practical effects with screens to create a ride that perfectly captures the spirit of Spider-Man. It's the least intense on the list, yet still captures the same magic it did when I first rode it as a wide-eyed, superhero-obsessed child.

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