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Our Disney dining hall of fame

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Walt Disney World® Resort has significantly upgraded its dining scene in recent years, creating a sprawling food culture across its parks and resort hotels. From Disney's best steak to its must-try appetizers, we're here to chronicle our favorite dishes across several categories.

Best Bread Service

Few ways are more appropriate to start a table service meal than with bread service, and we've got two you need to try:

  • Sanaa's bread service at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge does require an additional charge, but its five naan-style breads and nine dips make for one of the most fun, intractable dishes at Walt Disney World Resort

  • Yachtsman Steakhouse's complementary bread service comes with a side of fresh, roasted garlic. What more do we need to say?

Best Appetizer

There are a hundred dishes someone could suggest here, and they'd be right a hundred times. Disney's varied appetizer offerings make the beginning of its table service meals interesting, but Disney does pork belly consistently well everywhere. We suggest:

  • Bacon and Eggs from Steakhouse 71 might be among the richest and most decadent dishes Walt Disney World Resort offers

  • Though Citricos at Grand Floridian Resort & Spa sometimes switches the recipe up for the season, but its complexity always pairs beautifully with the heaviness of the pork belly

Best Burger

  • Many outstanding options are worthy of the pick, but nothing truly compares to the perfection of Geyser Point's Bison Burger

Best Steak

  • Yachtsman Steakhouse stands above the competition with its no-frills, dry aged collection that puts its quality cuts front and center

Best Chicken

This dish can take several categories, and we'd be remiss not to mention the delicate flavors of Disney's braised and baked options, the best of southern-style fried chicken and the best wings on property

  • The Rioja-braised chicken at Toledo—Tapas, Steak & Seafood takes the crown in its category

  • With good wings aplenty, Tambu Lounge at Disney's Polynesian Resort gives you both an amazing, classic buffalo wing and the outstanding wings offered at 'Ohana next door

  • There's perhaps no better fried chicken than what is served at Chef Art Smith's Homecomin'

Best Seafood

  • We'll make this one simple: go to Boathouse in Disney Springs. Just about everything we've had has been fantastic, but the vibrant, fresh selection of oysters are a standout among standouts

Best Pizza

  • Is there really any option besides EPCOT's® Via Napoli? We'd argue it is some of Florida's best pizza overall

Best Breakfast

  • Boma's breakfast buffet is an endless assortment of must-haves, and it still serves POG juice (that's passionfruit, orange and guava juice)

Best Brunch:

  • Chef Art Smith's Homecomin' is among the best Disney meals you'll ever have, where just about everything its fried chicken sits at the center of is a must-try dish

  • Trattoria al Forno meets excellence with value, providing a more affordable price point at a location that does not skimp on the quality

Best Character Dining

  • It would not quite be Walt Disney World Resort without mentioning our favorite dining location to meet characters while eating. Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White is hands-down our winner here, with unique meet-and-greets and a phenomenal menu that justifies its price.

Best Mac & Cheese

Really, we could have made this a category for best side dish, as this would be our choice for that as well, but we felt the need to call out another side-like item in the next category. Thus:

  • Chef Art Smith's Homecomin' deserves special mention here, as its mac & cheese delivers classic southern decadence in a way few places anywhere can master

Best Fries

  • There's something about salty, thin theme park fries that keep us coming back for more, but Mr. Kamal's Fries, seasoned to perfection, at its kiosk in Disney's Animal Kingdom® deserve recognition

Best Barbecue

  • The Polite Pig in Disney Springs would also win our choice for best sandwich—which includes barbecue sandwiches among its options—and is best-in-class for smoky, salty meat platters

Best Sweets

  • Gideon's Bakehouse in Disney Springs melds uniqueness in its half-pound cookies with the perfect balance of sweetness

Our list of favorites could go on infinitely, but we hope our provided list gives a concise look at the "Where is the best ______?" that we answer most often.

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