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Now must be a time for unity

Updated: May 16

Now is a time of great division in our country and the rest of the world due to the racist acts of some in power and authority. The senseless death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many whose names we will never know is not a political issue, but a human one, and we must stand alongside the Black members of our communities as they they plea for equal treatment and understanding.

As a company, we uphold all values of the Black Lives Matter movement, and see to it that all clients receive the same quality of communication, care and assistance. We are proud of our agents’ commitment to equality, and encourage all in our community to continue to strive for compassion both throughout their travels and in their communities at home. Taking a stand against racial injustice is not just our responsibility, but everyone’s.

We have much to learn from those who lose so much because of the color of their skin, and must use this time to watch, listen and learn from the voices who feel like they are not being heard. Though those of us with privilege may not be able to fully understand the trials those in our Black communities endure, we can be patient and kind in our efforts to understand. We can use our energy to help raise awareness and call for positive change and the elimination of racist ideals.

There are many forms of assistance, but we must all pitch in where needed. We must actively seek unity and positive change so that the world can be a safe and beautiful place to live in and travel through for not just those of us with privilege, but all of us. We must act out and encourage change, rather than wait for it to happen around us.

Individually we can create a movement of understanding, but together we can create one of widespread equality and compassion.

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