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New room renovations are the best addition to Disney resort hotels

Updated: May 16

In recent months, many Walt Disney World® Resort hotels have started to undergo room renovations. Gone are the days of carpet and a select amount outlets, and in are hardwood floors and USB ports across the rooms. Features vary depending on the tier of the resort, but one constant remains the same: the new rooms are more than just a visual update and propel Disney hotel rooms into modern day where they not only compete with, but also surpass most of the competition.

As of the beginning of 2019, Disney’s Pop CenturyResort, Disney’s Coronado SpringsResort and Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club  Resorts are completely finished, and more resorts, specifically those of the value and moderate levels, have similar renovations on the way.

The rooms have forgone the old heavy theming of the past in favor of something more subtle. It’s unmistakably Disney, yet feels a bit more homely and grown up. What’s most noticeable about the new design of the rooms is that they now carry with them a feeling of superior quality, with the wood flooring and granite-looking countertops giving a premium feeling that justifies the price on its own. There’s plenty of storage space and a sizeable safe on which guests can set their own passcode. Televisions are mounted on the wall opposite the beds, the mattresses of which were exceptionally comfortable. Tons of traditional outlets and USB ports are set about the room, and most importantly, they’re placed in convenient spots along the expansive countertops and the room’s dresser, making both the outlets and whatever is plugged into them easy to access.

The rooms at the value resorts have a Murphy bed and a queen-sized bed, while the higher tier resorts have two queen-sized beds. The bathrooms in each of the value resort rooms contain a single sink, while the moderate and deluxe resorts carry two sinks, with all of the resort bathrooms having a mirror that stretches the length of the wall above the sinks. Disney’s Pop Century Resort has a bathtub-shower combo, while Disney’s Coronado SpringsResort has a standing shower with a rain shower system overhead and an additional detachable showerhead. It’s the best shower setup that any Disney hotel resort has ever had, and brings with it a luxurious feeling that the average hotel elsewhere typically can’t provide.

It’s impressive that despite the addition of luxury amenities and a cleaner look, the rooms still feel exceptionally themed and distinctly Disney. There’s a level of quality in every inch of the room that is reminiscent of Disney’s most jaw-dropping attractions and shows, and it makes for a significant improvement in the guest experience.

It’s worth staying at the resorts with newly renovated rooms just for the rooms alone, not to mention the many additions and changing coming to several of them. The rooms are one of the best things to happen to hotel resorts on property in a long time, and can truly make Disney feel like a home away from home.

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