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New, heartwarming Disney movies you can stream now

With today’s current climate and closures, the safest decisions we can all make for ourselves is to stay inside for the immediate weeks. In doing so, much of our social time will be consumed by movies, board games and time with family and close friends, and fortunately Disney+ can help.

Here are some of the newest, feel-good movies and series to keep you and your close ones going while you’re stuck at home:


This new Disney+ film is based off a novel of the same name, so a book and movie combo binge would be the perfect way to get through some extended time at home. The film is emotionally driven, loaded with themes of first love and discovering identity. When staying inside has the possibility to mute ideas of self-expression and exploration, Stargirl helps beautifully with escapism.

Frozen II

Disney released the sequel to Frozen three months early on Disney+ after many schools and jobs around the world closed for the upcoming weeks, giving families an opportunity to catch one of its latest films together. It is an even more comforting family story than the first, and its themes are current and relevant. It is one of Disney’s best sequels ever, and deserves to be seen more than once.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

If you have not already seen this series, its first season now complete, now is the best time. And if you have already, nothing’s stopping you from a second viewing. Everything about the show is phenomenal, from its great acting, chemistry-filled cast and outstanding writing. Its conflict is deep enough for older audiences to become attached, but its music and messages simple enough for the younger family members to be interested in. It feels like it was made for those who grew up with the original High School Musical movies in elementary and high school, and its approximate 5-hour binge-time is perfect for a long day indoors.

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