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New Disney Genie+ pricing announced—let's explain!

Updated: May 21


Disney stated it intends to simplify its Disney Genie+ service due to guest feedback but in the lead-up to those changes, Disney is announcing ways to make the platform more accessible and flexible.

Beginning June 27, guests at Walt Disney World® Resort will purchase Disney Genie+ based on how they're visiting the parks..

Guests will be able to select either a single-park or multiple-park option through the My Disney Experience app.

Disney Genie+ prices may now be lower at some Walt Disney World theme parks than at others, and those who only intend to visit or use the service at a singular park will likely see Disney Genie+ at a lower price point.

The system on the guests' end only requires guests to pick whether they intend to use the optional Disney Genie+ service that day at one park or multiple parks, and then the system will show the price accordingly. Disney stated it will continue to listen to guest feedback and will share additional updates to Disney Genie+ in the future.

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