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Must-Try Restaurants in the Universal Theme Parks

CityWalk serves as the hub for dining around Universal Orlando Resort, but both of its theme parks are loaded with great dining experiences. Both parks have restaurants at almost every corner, and there are no shortages when it comes time to eat.

Harry Potter Dining

No matter the park you choose, the Harry Potter restaurants bridge the gap between fast food and reservation-based dining. With menus that feature baked chicken, ribs and pies, the Harry Potter dining locations in each park—The Leaky Cauldron and Three Broomsticks—make for a great slow-down, delicious meal without the prices and weighing portions of more traditional restaurants. With different menus at each restaurant, there is enough incentive to try each one on separate park days without risking the meal growing stale because of its similarity to the previous day's.

The Crepe Cart

A kiosk located in Universal Studios Florida, this grab-and-go option gives guests the perfect opportunity to get a bite before hopping in the next queue. With seating nearby, there is a perfect opportunity to slow down if it so fits the need.

That versatility comes with one of the best food selections in any of Universal's parks. The savory crepes are so loaded with flavor in their large portions that they're both filling and satisfying enough to warrant a meal on their own.

Simpsons Dining

All dining in the Springfield area of the park is perfect for those who are looking for the theme park staples, like chicken tenders and hamburgers, but are craving a take more elevated. With world-renown beer and a creative spin on classic fast foods, the suite of Simpsons dining makes for a fantastic dining option while in a theme park.

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