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Must-try booths at the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival 2023

We've been busy sinking our teeth into all the eats the EPCOT® International Food & Wine Festival 2023 has to offer, and we can't get enough of some of the new additions and returning favorites that we keep going back for.

The Fry Basket

This list is impossible without mentioning the new superstar of modern Food & Wine: home of the fry flight. The central dish hasn't had any changes made from last year's nearly perfected version, the phenomenally seasoned adobo yuca fries return and this year sees the all-new pickle fries.

The pickle fries are among our early festival highlights, with Disney providing a good portion and a crispy batter that avoids much of the grease.


Outstanding drinks and must-eat food makes this a festival must-have for us once again. There are tons of enticing, delicious options at this year's festival, but the Croissant aux Escargots remains the best dish of them all. Decadent, flavorful and delicately textured, France's stellar dish places the entire booth at the top of our festival recommendations.


Consistent year after year, the SPAM Sushi is a festival highlight, with a layer of flavors and sauces that make this an incredibly fun a tasty snack. The rest of the dishes are familiar, and they've been good time after time.


This muppets-themed, indoor wing spot is more than just a wonderfully themed escape from the sun—though it does a great job at that—as it brings interesting drinks and flavorful food to the table, too. The spice of the wings labeled "unnecessarily spicy" brings something unusual to the table for Disney: spicy, lasting heat.

There are other interesting (and less hot flavors) too, from peanut butter and jelly to orange cardamom, and you can also get yours hands on the fabled pickle milkshake (which we liked!).

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