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Is Disney Genie+ right for you?

Disney Genie+ is the new paid FastPass+ and MaxPass replacement for Disney's parks, giving guests same-day access (starting at 7 a.m.) to the Lightning Lane lines for almost all attractions. And at $15.98 per person each day after tax in the My Disney Experience app, guests continue to inquire: is Disney Genie+ worth the price?

Our usual response to any such questions is that Disney vacations provide rich customization options that allow guests to tailor their vacation specifically to their needs, and thus like many add-ons and choices, Disney Genie+ is best suited to guests in different situations.

The Infrequent Traveler

Those who don't go to the Disney parks often, whether that be on the east or west coast, are likely to find significant value in Disney Genie+, as it guarantees the ability to get on attractions—and therefore more of them in general—faster. Those who go often and like to take a leisurely pace may find individual Lightning Lane access for key attractions a better option, so they can still ensure they get on the grand, must-do attractions without having to wait for virtual queues or spend time in long standby lines.

The "Do-Everything" Guest

Similarly, the Disney experience is best fulfilled for many guests by experiencing the parks from open to close and completing as many attractions, shows and dining opportunities as possible. For guests who love to explore every inch of what the Disney theme parks offer, the paid Genie+ option makes it easier to do so.

The Downtime Traveler

As appealing as getting into Lightning Lane might be during peak travel season, it is also the time when popular attractions and early-day opportunities book the fastest. With limited supply of passes for each attraction—a system that helps regulate wait times—Disney Genie+ is best optimized during times with lower crowd levels.

There are many additional types of guests who don't fit into predetermined categories who are likely to get great value from Disney Genie+. Since advance purchase is not required, we recommend those who are on the fence purchase Disney Genie+ on one of the first days of their vacation to see first-hand how it serves their own needs.

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