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How to save money during festivals

Updated: May 16

Festivals are premium experiences with conceptual food dishes, and thus each dish has a price attached. Fortunately, due to the smaller sizes of dishes at festivals, they cost less than usual quick service meals.

And that’s where it can get dangerous. With such a variety of awesome food, it’s easy to overspend, but luckily Disney has a couple systems in place to mitigate that.

Plan Ahead

Menus are made available for each booth at festivals, with media outlets having detailed descriptions of every dish and beverage. It makes it easy to pick out your most anticipated dishes and plan which specific meals you want to eat in advance.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve put together a list of five of our must-try dishes of Epcot®’s Food & Wine Festival.

Pay in Advance

Part of the beauty of Epcot®’sthree festivals is the sense of discovery they bring. With each new pavilion comes a new kiosk that brings new menus, loaded with unique flavors to discover.

Those wanting to naturally seek those food items, but wish to be cautious of their budget, can purchase a gift card at the World Showcase entrance. By pre-loading a set amount of money onto the card, which can be used on food and beverages during the festival, guests can set the right budget for themselves before they go exploring (and overspending).

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