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How to keep up with hurricane information when on a Florida vacation

Updated: May 21

Stretching from June to November, hurricane season wraps around some of the best times to travel to Florida for a theme park vacation. Strong, impactful hurricanes rarely cause significant, lasting damage to the Orlando area, and we advise you travel when it best fits your schedule.

But hurricanes do happen, and you should know what to do if it happens on your vacation.

Keeping up with announcements regarding closures, hotel notices or ticket adjustments directly from your destination is key. They'll be the first to report any changes to your vacation, and can disseminate key information through your theme park app or email.

To keep up with Walt Disney World Resort®'s weather updates, you can also click here to bookmark their official page.

Click here to see Universal Orlando Resort's severe weather policy.

We also recommend keeping up to date with a weather reporter or station that covers Florida, Central Florida or Orlando to understand the storm's potential impact to the area you're staying in. There are plenty competent meteorologists who fit this category, but we are particularly fond of Tampa's Denis Phillips with ABC Action News.

Lastly, you should follow or at least look at your airport's social media page in the event your flight may be impacted. It's important to know that price increases when suddenly moving up a flight in the day or two before a storm strikes Florida can be significant.

We cannot recommend skipping your vacation simply because it falls during hurricane season, but we do recommend staying calm and informed so that you can be properly prepared should a storm strike. Nearly all hotels in the area put emphasis on safety and provide guests with resources during storms, and remaining inside during those times are where you will be safest.

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