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How the Disney parks will reopen

After The Walt Disney Company’s earnings report for its 2nd fiscal quarter and a report from the Disney Parks Chief Medical Officer Pamela Hymel, guests have a better idea of what Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort will do to reopen. The following details the company’s plans based on the most recent information:

  1. There will be a phased reopening, with portions of certain locations opening before the whole.

  2. Retail and dining locations will open before theme parks, and the cruise line will likely be last. Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek said cruise line reopening is months away.

  3. There will be a capacity limit in line with what state governments require.

  4. Chapek said he expects the parks to meet whatever capacity percentage they decide to open at, and thus will need to be properly staffed.

  5. Disney is still looking at what technology will help best with reopening, but cited the various parks smartphone apps and virtual queues for attractions.

  6. Hand sanitizers have been added to parks and resorts.

  7. Disney will conduct temperature screenings based on government guidelines.

  8. Disney will follow government guidelines in regards to guests and employees wearing masks.

  9. Disney will increase cleaning procedures, and will train cast members on the importance of sanitation.

Though no opening date has been announced for domestic theme parks yet, Shanghai Disneyland is scheduled to reopen on May 11. Chapek stated that the United States theme parks’ reopening process might be different than Shanghai’s, so what America requires for its citizens to be safe at the time of park reopening remains to be seen.

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