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How parades are currently being handled in Walt Disney World Resort

When Walt Disney World ®  Resort reopened, it did so without its usual parades and character meet-and-greets for safety reasons. The coronavirus still makes it difficult for large crowds to gather and for a majority of person-to-person contact, but Disney’s solution still allows guests to see their favorite characters and get a smaller portion of the parade experience.

The many cavalcades that now run through all four Walt Disney World Resort theme parks are like miniature, unannounced parades. Beloved characters can be seen boating through Disney’s Animal Kingdom®, while in each of the other parks fan-favorites ride through the streets on small floats.

Most of the cavalcades are unannounced surprises, though some are tied to special occasions. For example, an extended one takes place in Magic Kingdom® Park after it rains, with Mickey Mouse himself surrounded by a group of dancers in raincoats.

Though events such as that are not exclusive to the present version of Walt Disney World, their frequency is reminiscent of the magic common in ages past, and makes new trips more nostalgic than ever.

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