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How often do you have to visit Walt Disney World Resort to make the new annual passes worth it?

Updated: May 20

Disney announced it will begin selling new annual passes starting Sept. 8, 2021, for the first time since they were paused when the parks reopened in July 2020. Disney has used the opportunity to restructure the annual passes, and though those who already have one can keep it and its current features until renewal, everyone renewing after Sept. 8 will convert to one of the new passes. The breakdown of the new structure is shown in Disney's graphic below:

The new breakdown means evaluating whether it is worth getting an annual pass or not needs to be redone, and though there are some optional, paid add-ons, Disney has yet to release the pricing for those. Thus, the simplest way is to look at it from a pure standpoint of the number of days necessary to see a return on the price of the annual pass. All calculations will use the cheapest available options for Walt Disney World Resort park tickets. Do note that the estimated days needed for for each annual pass will be significantly less with a park hopper option, as prices are much higher for those tickets (all annual passes include the opportunity for park hopping). All calculations are made prior to applying tax.

Disney Pixie Dust Pass

Only available to Florida residents, all tickets start at $109 a day, meaning at a baseline, meaning you would only need to book four days to make your money back in value. With three parks reservations available to be made at once, going one time beyond the standard booking allowance would return value. Do note this ticket likely will not include weekends.

If including park hopper in the single-day ticket price, which starts at $174 per day, you would see a return on the third park visit.

Disney Pirate Pass

Like the last one, tickets start at $109 per day, making 7 park days necessary to return value. If including park hopper, you would see a return on the fifth park visit.

Disney Sorcerer Pass

While Florida residents will look to make a return on value after nine days at the $109 daily price point, DVC owners—who are also offered this pass—would have to match the same number of days, as tickets start at $109 per day across the board. The key here is that Florida residents receive discounts on 3- and 4-day tickets, so residents who exclusively go to the parks on those deals would need more days to meet the value of an annual pass,

Those who usually opt for park hopper would see a value return on the 6th park visit.

Disney Incredi-Pass

Available to all guests, this pass will see its return on value on the 13th park visit. Park hopper included, this will see a value return on the ninth park visit.

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