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How new after-hours dining will allow for even better park days

As is typical in less-crowded seasons in Walt Disney World® Resort, park hours are being shortened in September. With hours having been a little shorter than is typical at this time of year due to the pandemic, we labeled our best dining values as three different restaurants outside of the theme parks. That could change quickly though, as Disney is implementing a new feature for the immediate future at select restaurants.

Though which restaurants are available are subject to change, select dining experiences in the theme parks will now remain open after the parks close. This means that guests can still enjoy some of their favorite dining experiences in the parks without using their currently limited park time on a longer meal, and they can now use the in-park dinner to commemorate the day and end it with a special experience.

It remains to be seen how long this offering will continue for, but you can see what reservations are available past park operation hours on the My Disney Experience app by choosing a dining location in one of the four theme parks and a reservation time past when the park closes.

Featured image ©Disney.

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