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How a holiday overlay turns a great attraction to the best

Holiday overlays are nothing new to Disney parks, but with an uptick in parties and events, attraction transformations are becoming increasingly visible.

No attraction illustrates what makes attraction overlays so awesome as much as Disneyland® Park’s Haunted Mansion Holiday.

When the fall rolls around, the attraction shuts down for several days to undergo a complete overhaul. When it reopens, gone is the usual haunts and storyline of the attraction, instead replaced by Jack Skellington and company as they wreak havoc throughout the mansion.

The changes from the original start immediately upon interesting the Stretching Room, where the usual paintings are replaced by stained glass windows. The following scene sets the stage beautifully for what has become one of my favorite attractions.

Every scene in the attraction has changed, with enormous set pieces, new animatronics and a new narration.

While not every attraction can or should be expected to go to the same lengths as this one, it is a prime example of how all the little details make holiday changes throughout the parks so special.

Haunted Mansion Holiday runs from Sep. 6, 2019-Jan. 6, 2020, with plenty of holiday overlays for other attractions on the way during that time.

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