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Five awesome attractions to ride in the dark

Updated: May 16

Some of the best rides at Walt Disney World® Resort are even better when the sun goes down. Extra lighting, more unique views of the park, and occasionally thinner lines can completely change the experience of an attraction.

Slinky Dog Dash

One of the newest coasters in all of the parks is at its best in the dark. Lights trail underneath the Slinky as he weaves through the track, giving added visuals for even those guests who aren’t on the ride. Added lights illuminate some of the track’s most iconic features, and it’s one that turns a really cool ride into a great one.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad®Attraction

Magic Kingdom® Park’s already iconic coaster brings things to a new level with night hits. The outdoor segments of the ride take on a completely different atmosphere in the dark, with soft lighting bringing all of the bones and mining equipment to life that it just doesn’t have under the sun. Rushing into the night after clearing the dark caves at the coaster’s beginning has a certain adrenaline to it that can’t be matched at any other time.

Expedition Everest- Legend of the Forbidden Mountain®Attraction

Another coaster hits the list for much the same reason as the last, as the darkness adds to the excitement of what is already one of Disney’s biggest thrill rides. The already dark portions of the ride are far more intense, and the drop outside the mouth of the mountain feels more exhilarating when you can’t see it coming.

Kilimanjaro Safaris® Expedition

The safari tour through the African wilds is one of the most varied attractions from ride-to-ride, as dealing with live animals always lends itself to new surprises. Doing the safari at night just adds to that variation, as the animals all have different behavior patterns and interact with one another differently.

Jungle Cruise® Attraction

One of Walt Disney’s original visions feels like it was created to exist in the dark. The nighttime adds to the creepy atmosphere set out by nearly every twist and turn on the ride, highlighted by the darkness of the temple set deep within. Maybe it’s just the tired mind after being in the parks for so long throughout the day, but the skippers’ jokes seem funnier, too.

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