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FAQ on Disney’s face mask guidelines

Updated: May 16

A high point of questioning in the reopening announcement of Walt Disney World® Resort is on the requirement of face masks and coverings. In the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many businesses, including Disney, is requiring its guests to wear some type of face covering for the health and safety of all those around them. Below is a rundown of what it requires, and how we know it will work.

Does everyone have to wear a face mask?

All guests of ages two and above must wear a face mask, as must all cast members. Though it was previously reported that the required age would be three and above, Osceola County’s emergency order—which covers some parts of Walt Disney World Resort—has required everyone to wear a mask in public outside of those two and younger.

Disney has introduced a new role for its cast members, where those in roles that are being temporarily suspended, like children’s activities, are being tasked with helping guests understand new health and safety guidelines during the pandemic. These cast members are also tasked with helping enforcing mask-wearing, so guests cannot remove them freely after entering the parks.

Where do you have to wear masks and when can you take them off?

Masks must be worn in the theme parks, resort hotels and in almost all public spaces. There will be set relaxation areas where guests will be able to remove their masks, and face coverings will not be required while actively dining or swimming in a pool. In all other locations, including while riding attractions or hanging out in lounges and bars, masks will be required. As long as you are sitting at your restaurant table, you can have your mask off.

It is possible guests will be allowed to temporarily remove masks for things like photography, but additional specifics on how masks will affect the smaller portions of the guest experience has yet to be announced.

What if you do not want to wear a mask?

Guests without masks are not currently being allowed into Disney Springs, and it will likely be the same for parks and resorts. If you or anyone in your party does not want to wear a mask or cannot wear one for medical reasons, the best decision is to rebook your trip for a later date. Disney has asked those who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons to remain home for the time being. At this time, it is not known when it will be safe for guests to return to the parks without masks.

Can you get a mask at Disney?

Masks are still in short supply in some areas, but Disney is giving away a limited supply for free to those who show up to temperature screening areas without one in Disney Springs. It has not been announced if this will take place when the parks open, but it is okay to think Disney will likely give out and sell masks in some regard so guests unable to acquire one beforehand will not be barred from entry. Disney is currently selling its own masks online at

Disney masks are available in four-packs for $19.99, each of which have themes of popular characters, and are perfect for theming to outfits or special park days.

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