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Explaining the changes to Disney's park reservations

Walt Disney® World Resort's park reservation system underwent changes this week to simplify the system, streamlining it for those with multiple ticket types and multiple guests in a party.

The adjustments mean everyone connected through My Disney Experience can book their park passes together, regardless if pass types are standard park ticket or Walt Disney World Resort Annual Pass. Previously, availability calendars and park reservation bookings had to be done separately if party members had different pass types.

With the changes to ticket type bookings, guests can now hold multiple different pass types per user and can select whether they want to book with their annual pass or standard ticket.

Up to 30 park passes can be booked in a single transaction.

Guests can also now modify reservations without having to cancel them and rebook. This makes it easier to see availability for changing plans, and removes steps to the process.

The new changes see standardization with procedures across other Disney theme parks, and aim to make it easier for those looking to book together across ticket types.

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