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Experiences you can find at Universal's CityWalk

Updated: May 20

CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort has all sorts of unique dining and shopping—without needing a park ticket to enter—but it offers other unique experiences as well. Those who are looking to add an extra flare onto their vacation beyond the normal theme park activities can look no further, as Universal Orlando Resort offers even more than what its loaded theme parks have.

Live Music

Big-name, superstar artists and bands regularly perform at the Hard Rock in CityWalk. Guests who want live music but are less interested in concerts can attend CityWalk's Rising Star, a karaoke club where participants perform with a live band on stage, and not just a screen and an instrumental played over speakers.

Clubs and Bars

Universal CityWalk is host to a broader selection of clubs and bars for those not wanting to spend the night with karaoke. The Mardi-Gras-themed Pat O'Brien's, the more relaxed the groove and The Red Coconut Club at the top of CityWalk offer different atmospheres and crowds for the most diverse night life offering of any theme park destination in town.

Mini Golf

With 36 holes, the Hollywood Drive-In Golf features two themes that are both designed for all ages. Whether golfing through the spooky— but still family-friendly—Haunting of Ghostly Greens or the gigantic robots of Invaders from Planet Putt, there are expansive options for the entire family to have fun away from the crowds.

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