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EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival Review

Since Disney ended its "Taste of..." festival series (which was already very enjoyable) closer to the onset of COVID-19, the full return of its EPCOT® festivals have been nohing short of game-changing. Against all odds, each festival seems to improve even more upon the incredible one before it, and this year's EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival is no different.

One of its longest festivals ever, running from March 2-July 4, 2022, this event also continues to be its most beautiful. Flowers color the land around the World Showcase Pavilion, and additional tents, representing everything from Disney merchandise to brands like Basin, make the back half of the park feel lively and full.

Performances in the America Gardens Theatre erupt that liveliness to explosive levels, with significant and recognizable artists and original acts pumping music through the American Pavilion. Guests dance along in the World Showcase streets, sound projection shifting the park from its usual affairs to something even more lively and exciting than it was before..

Food is still the star of the show, just as all the other Epcot festivals.The number of creative and effortful dishes feel more substantial than almost any festival before it, and the quality of food is just as spectacular. Dishes are intricately designed with sizable portions, creating a repeatable event where everything feels like a fair value.

All of these elements make the 2022 EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival one of Disney's best ever, with tons of value and entertainment to be found in every corner of World Showcase.

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