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Easy ways to cut costs on a Disney vacation

Updated: May 16

Disney can be an expensive vacation, but don’t let that turn you away. College students, families who are looking to take an extra trip, or those who cannot afford the expensive options can still have an all-time great vacation.

Eat Quick Service

You can bring your own food into the parks, but if you still want a traditional Disney dining experience, you can stick to the quick service dining locations instead of eating at the fancier sit-down restaurants. In the case of Be Our Guest, you can still get a reservation and eat in the location for lunch, meaning you’re paying fast food prices to eat in a marquee location. Don’t be fooled by the more affordable price of quick service restaurants though, as their locations are often themed and in some cases, just as beautiful as some of the nicer ones.

If you still want to eat a nice meal, some table service options are cheaper than others! The menus for every restaurant is listed online and on the My Disney Experience app, so if you still want to dine out for that one special meal, you can plan almost your exact expenses before you go.

Use Disney’s Transportation

If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World® Resort Hotel, you’ll have access to all sorts of transportation, like the bus systems, boats, and the monorail. It’s all free, so not only do you not have to worry about driving to the parks, but you won’t have to pay for gas either.

Go When the Parks are Less Crowded

There are times during the year where the parks aren’t quite so crowded, and therefore ticket prices are a little bit lower. Those times are typically when children are in school and are never around the holidays, but if it fits with your schedule, simply pinpointing the time when you want to go could lower the cost of your trip. The middle of January, typically after the Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend is complete, to the middle of February and late August to the middle of November are usually the best times to get lower ticket prices.

Consider an Annual Pass

If this post was about saving money, then why are annual passes being suggested? If you’re someone who takes multiple vacations in a year, especially to Disney, you might be paying a bit more than you have to. Based on our math, and annual pass pays for itself during the average second trip, meaning for frequent guests, that shiny plastic card can help make multiple trips affordable.

Get Free Water

It’s no secret that Florida is extremely hot, and guests who know could be spending a lot on bringing plastic water bottles into the parks. Instead, you can go to any quick service location and ask for iced water at the counter for free.

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