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Disneyland Resort’s Haunted Mansion to undergo renovations

Haunted Mansion® Attraction, one of Disneyland Resort®‘s  most iconic and beloved installments, is undergoing renovations in 2020. The attraction just celebrated its 50th anniversary, and thus is set up perfectly for a refresh.

The attraction is set to close on Jan. 21, 2020, and is scheduled to last through March or April. While it does not seem like the attraction is changing fundamentally, it is receiving updates to its mechanics and a fresh coat of paint, both to the interior and the exterior. It is already one of the most gorgeous and immersive queues in all of the parks, with the brilliant mansion itself growing closer and more haunting with each step. The new paint job should amplify that, with the interior gaining added vibrance and distinctness.

The great news is that the attraction’s reopening date is set to be well ahead of the summer months, leaving ample time for guests who intend to travel across the country for senior trips and summer vacations still able to experience it.

We previously wrote about how the holiday transformation turns it from an already-great attractions to one of the best Disney has ever had, and this refreshed design should make it that much more spectacular. For Disney fanatics, the holiday overlay nearly justifies the trip itself,  with the fresh repainting and ride system updates making it all the more worth it.

Featured image ©Disney.

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