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Disneyland Resort’s best original attractions

Updated: May 16

There are a lot of elements that are responsible for making Disney vacations as special as they are, but at the heart of it a great theme park trip is a set of outstanding attractions. There is a lot to love between Disney’s food, resorts and atmosphere, but on top of it all are the attractions, as the parks inherently revolve around them. Each park has its own unique set of coasters and dark rides not found anywhere else in the world, and the ones found in Disneyland® Park and Disney California Adventure® Park are among some of the most unique in the world. Here are some of the best:


This outdoor roller coaster is one of Disney’s absolute best, and the recent transformation from California Screamin’ to this The Incredibles theme has only made it that much more thrilling. Zipping over one of Disney’s greatest lands ever in Pixar Pier at high speeds to the music of the films is an exhilarating experience rarely replicated elsewhere. The newly added tunnels on the ride, along with some special effects that shouldn’t be spoiled, make it one of Disney’s best attractions in any park.

Alice in Wonderland

Disneyland Resort does dark rides better than any park in the world. There is a magic to them that I’ve yet to see any place else, and Alice and Wonderland is the perfect summation of wha makes them all so special. This particular attraction has been updated a bit more than the rest, so while some of the dark ride originality has been replaced some slightly more updated technology, the result is the most immersive of all the park’s dark rides. Its colors are vibrant and stand out so well amid the dark backdrop of the indoors attraction, making it my favorite of the park’s exclusive dark attractions.

Radiator Springs Racers® Attraction

Cars received in-parks representation in the best possible way. This attraction is filled with gorgeous scenery and enough thrill at the end to satisfy every member of the party, Being lined up side-by-side with another car of guests in a race only adds to the fun and uniqueness of this one. It’s a perfect attraction for the whole family, and a must-ride on every trip.

Disneyland® Railroad

While this might be a bit of a copout answer, as there is a railroad in other Disney parks, this one is unique to this park. What makes it so special is that it encapsulates so much of Walt’s original vision for both Disneyland Park and for his general hobbies as a whole. Walt had a deep love for locomotives, as one of his first jobs saw him working on a train, and so to able to experience something that he held so deeply in his original park is a moving, emotional ride.

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