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Disney’s best quick service restaurant and bar are in a resort, and worth planning a day aroun

There are a lot of incredible quick service gems for those who want to dine on a bit more of a budget, with some of the more affordable options providing an atmosphere and food quality that takes on some of the table service restaurant. Satu’li Canteen comes to mind, as does several of the dining locations in World Showcase, but the best of them all is located in a hotel resort, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

The deluxe resort has always been one of Disney’s best, but with the edition of one of its newest restaurants, Geyser Point Bar & Grill, that has elevated it to the very top. Set at the edge of the resort with open-air seating right next to an expanse of water, its location is a prime spot for some of the most gorgeous views from a Disney restaurant not located on the top floor of a resort hotel. The varying shapes and colors of wood that construct the restaurants architecture and the lounge-style seating give the restaurant a modern, yet warm atmosphere. The tables are all low-set, and some of them even come with couches to sit on, making the quick service dining experience the single most relaxing restaurant on property. It’s nothing short of gorgeous, and has a perfect understanding of the theming of its resort and location, making its architecture the golden standard for not just all quick service restaurants, but for all table service restaurants, too.

There’s a bar situated in the center of the restaurant, with televisions mounted on either side. Due to the openness of the restaurant’s construction, any noise from the bar flows right out into the outside air, meaning even on the busiest days it never gets overly loud. Service at both the bar and the restaurant have been outstanding, giving guests who want a bit more conversation the option to have plenty. The bar has its own set of special cocktails, along with the more traditional affairs. There’s not a single place on property that’s better to grab a drink and relax, and catching a view of the sunset from its laid-back seating cements its place as not just the best quick service restaurant on property, but the best bar, too. Younger guests and adults who aren’t quite as interested in alcoholic beverages don’t have to worry about missing out on the fun, however, as the restaurant also offers the non-alcoholic lava smoothie, a thick raspberry-piña colada mixture that’s even better than it already sounds.

If the beautiful atmosphere and excellent selection of drinks aren’t enough already, the food bests most of its competitors around property on its own. As is standard for a majority of quick service locations, most of the restaurant’s food is priced at $14.99 and under. The lump crab cake sandwich and bison burger are two of the best sandwiches anywhere on property, and the teriyaki chicken wings, edamame with chili-salt and handcrafted charcuterie board all make a case for some of Disney’s very best appetizers. Those at the bar or at a nearby side window can order from a simplified menu, and those seated in the restaurant are given the full thing.

Geyser Point comes as close to perfect as any quick service restaurant can get, and even with some great options throughout the parks and resorts, this one still manages to stand out. It’s so outstanding that it’s worth adjusting plans around for those not staying nearby, and should without a doubt be a property for those who are spending any part of a day resort hopping. It’s open from 11 a.m. to midnight each day, so there’s always plenty of time to carve out a meal or a relaxing drink at Disney’s best quick service restaurant.d

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