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Disney Genie+, After Hours Events, Holiday Parties—When Do Tickets Sell Out?

Though Walt Disney World® Resort park tickets rarely sell out and, as long as you book your vacation in advance, park capacity should allow for you to visit each of the four parks during your trip.

But optional tickets and passes, like Disney Genie+, Disney's Halloween and Christmas parties and after hours parties have sold out regularly.

Disney Genie+

Perhaps the most difficult to predict sellout dates for, as just this past week, the Magic Kingdom Park® version sold out for consecutive days. This Lightning Lane access pass fluctuates daily in price, and works best when bought first-thing in the morning. To avoid missing the pass altogether and to get the most use out of Lightning Lane availability, purchase passes when they become available at 7 a.m. on the day of park entry.

Events Passes

After Hours events let guests into the parks for three hours after close, and for the first time in 2024, the Disney's Hollywood Studios® event has sold out.

Similarly, Disney's holiday parties allow guests into the parks with tons of exclusive entertainment for hours,. As Disney's most exclusive event, entry on the first party of each season and on the parties nearest the holiday of celebration will book quickly. Guests wanting to attend on those in-demand dates should stay in touch with their travel advisor and be ready to purchase their event pass as soon as it becomes available. Sometimes, tickets will be available day-of, but we still highly recommend guests intending to attend an event not take the risk and purchase their ticket as soon as they are able.

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