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Disney buses see upgrades after Skyliner opening

Updated: May 16

Disney has made strives to elevate its transportation across Walt Disney World® Resort property with the Disney Skyliner system, and is now furthering that push with its classic buses.

Wrapped in vibrant decals that sport Figment, these purple buses might be a sign of new designs covering Disney busses in the same way as characters adorn Skyliner gondolas. Character buses aren’t exactly a new concept around the parks, but it’s great to see something so vibrant and colorful heading toward the parks.

It’s nice to see so many guests getting excited over Disney bringing such small details back to every aspect of its service. With more characters already appearing in a similar style on buses, the future of design bodes well for Disney transportation.

And the future of its functionality is not far behind it. Some buses have gotten free WiFi and USB ports, which is great for checking wait times when heading to parks or charging a phone when changing locations halfway through the day.

Buses that don’t sport the new art do have a decal on the window denoting if they have WiFi, but it likely isn’t worth waiting for numerous buses just to get one. While Disney has yet to announce anything, it is safe to say that one day in the future, all buses will offer such features, but until then it should serve as just an extra bit of magic.

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