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DINING REVIEW: The Wave Breakfast (at California Grill!)

California Grill sets its magical stage each time from the moment I embark onto the second floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, with the private elevator to the top floor setting the stage for one of Disney’s most tremendous dining experiences.

Though the verdict is out on what the future holds for The Wave’s breakfast, as the restaurant will convert to the all-new Steakhouse ’71 near the start of Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary celebrations, this limited-time experience gives a great look at the best of Disney's breakfast accomplishments—as this serves as a representative point for what much of Disney's best breakfast offers.

Dining with a View—and Unbeatable Service

Nothing can beat starting (or finishing at dinner) the day with a meal and a view of Magic Kingdom® Park. Upon checking in, we requested a window seat, and were granted with gold-backed view of Magic Kingdom Park, haloed by the morning sun. In looking for experiences that capture some of that intangible magic Disney has long been known for, this view alone held much of it.

The service is complimentary to the view and elegant layout of the restaurant, with attentive servers who are kind, funny and never once let drinks run dry. The Wave, even in its temporary location, made an experience that far exceeded its price tag.

Exceptional Value

Breakfast on Disney properly is widely known as being both affordable and of excellent quality, and The Wave does not disappoint. From $19 endless mimosas to entrees that fall within the range of quick service pricing, the outstanding quality of the food made every dollar count.

The Floridian Eggs Benedict—two-poached Eggs, crab cake with hollandaise atop toasted English muffins and served with breakfast potatoes—was my personal standout. Though the breakfast potatoes were fine, as they were rather soft and a little under seasoned, the rest of the dish provided a layered richness that so many of Disney's best dishes have made staple. Not just any regular crab cakes, the ones here were packed with crab meat and seasoning, their flavor coming through the decadent hollandaise and perfectly poached eggs.

Though the portions were a great size that left me full, the portion sizes of the rest of the dishes were enormous by comparison, forwarding the same idea that much of Disney breakfasts place at their forefront: there is genuine value to be found.

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