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Updated: May 17

A lot of the talk since Everglazed opened has focused on its donuts, and rightly so—it is a donut shop, after all—but the rest of the offerings are what makes Everglazed such a complete and worthwhile experience.

Donuts and Coffee

As far as donuts and coffee go, there aren't many better places on Walt Disney World® Resort property. Though the donuts themselves don't do anything special, the extravagant toppings go a long way to make them gourmet. Flavors seem nearly endless, so our best recommendation is just to go with your own taste. The toppings are what make the donuts special and what help justify the price, so go with your favorite.

The coffee is where the sweet part of the menu truly shines. Though the spiked coffee has been out of stock for a while now, the various cold brews give plenty of sweet, but balance it flawlessly so as not to overpower the coffee. Whether you want to roll with a custom configuration or one of Everglazed own's (like the peppermint mocha, my personal favorite), it is hard to go wrong with any choice.

The Best Chicken Sandwich and Fries

You read that correctly: Everglazed has the best fries and chicken sandwich of any fast food restaurant, not just within Walt Disney World Resort property. The Spicy Fries, topped with Buffalo seasoning, scallions and spicy mayo come in an enormous portion at a fair price, and have enough layered flavors to make for vibrant dish that doesn't lean too harshly into the spice while still maintaining seasoning.

And the chicken sandwich might be even better. The Funky Chicken, available on bun or on a donut, is big and packed with flavor with its ranch slaw, BBQ & spicy mayo and bread and butter pickles. Much like the fries, a simple list of ingredients blends to make a flawless combination of richness that will make Everglazed one of your go-to dining spots in Disney Springs.

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