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DINING REVIEW: Dinner at City Works

We previously tried City Works in Disney Springs for brunch and it was an outright home run. It was so good, in fact, that we had to prioritize going to City Works for dinner. As it turns out, we were just as impressed as we were with brunch.

A sports bar done the Disney way, City Works mixes a fun atmosphere with quality. It feels less upscale by nature than a lot of other table service restaurants in Disney Springs, a boon for those who want to kick back and hang out in a livelier environment.

The outdoor seating is an additional gift here, as while it is still sectioned off from nearby walkways, it gives a view over much of that side of Disney Springs, adding to the restaurant's liveliness and lightheartedness.

Draft Day

This is especially the perfect hangout spot for adults, as the restaurant has the most robust draft beer selection on Walt Disney World® Resort property. A lot of beers are brewed locally in Florida, with limited -time selections often available. Prices vary from brew to brew, but are almost always reasonable enough to justify more than just a single drink.

Made in House

Almost everything on the menu is done "the right way," as I call it; most things, from the burger patties to the wing preparation, are done in-house. This gives everything a deep layer of flavor and a perfect level of preparation, and that goes for the vegetarian and vegan dishes, too. From their impossible burger to the cauliflower-based items on the menu, this is some of the best-prepared vegan food at Disney, and deserves to be tried by meat eaters, too.

But the meat is still the star here. While the gourmet mac and cheeses, cauliflower buffalo dip and everything in between are nothing short of fantastic and bursting with flavor, this is a premium hamburger joint through and through. I've loudly proclaimed the perfection of Geyser Point's bison burger and the full suite of options at D-Luxe Burger, but the ones here stack up with them. I had the scorpion burger, with habanero pepper jack, jalapeños, five pepper jam, arugula, vine-ripened tomato and scorpion pepper aioli, but among all of it, the patty shined through most. Their homemade burger blend is made immaculate by the grill, and all of the toppings are compliments rather than overshadows.

City Works is a masterclass is bar-style food, elevating it into something that is a must-try while still being approachable enough for almost any guest.

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