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DINING REVIEW: Brunch at City Works

Updated: May 16

Brunch is a growing part of Disney dining, with Disney Springs becoming one of its most prominent homes. Tucked near Orange Garage and the NBA Experience, City Works elevates a traditional sports bar into more complex versions of the dishes you would typically find. Hailed for its burgers and beer selections, how does that fame translate to brunch?

The Johnny Hash


Served every Saturday and Sunday from open until 3 p.m., this is one of the easier brunches to get a reservation for. On one of the busier days I have seen at Disney Springs, our party was able to get a same-day reservation only an hour or two away.

Laid-Back Dining

The relaxed setting of City Works might be perfect for families on an off-day from the theme parks. With an enormous TV wall and a bar lined with beer options, City Works feels as much an entertainment hub as it does a restaurant.

Our service matched that idea, as all of the waitstaff we encountered were friendly and conversational. Where Disney is full of premium, fine dining experiences, it was refreshing to eat somewhere more on the casual side.

A Rocking Brunch

The donut holes that replaced the beignets

Themed to rock music, the brunch menu is one of Disney's more diverse ones. From oversized cinnamon rolls to breakfast tacos, there are items for those with a sweet tooth or a savory craving.

Though the restaurant previously offered Café Du Monde’s famous beignet, they are currently offering donut holes covered in powdered sugar, served with a side of chocolate sauce and berry sauce. We started our meal with those (and some cocktails, of course).

The donuts came warm and airy, not unlike beignets. The sauces complimented them well, and added complexity to an otherwise simple, although phenomenal, appetizer. The cocktails matched the donut holes in quality, and matched standard pricing throughout Walt Disney World® Resort. The beer is more affordably priced, and has a selection so large that—like the rest of the menu—everyone should be able to find something for their taste.

City Works continued to shine with its entrees. I had the Johnny Hash, which was a hash made with braised short rib, red and green bell peppers, onions, potatoes, jalapeño salsa verde and sunny side up eggs. It was outstanding, with fresh peppers and onions combining with its sauce and proteins to create a dish that was packed with flavor.

The others at our table had the White Wedding—an egg white frittata—and one of the restaurant's several breakfast sandwiches. They had similar feedback as I did, each loving their dish.

The Verdict

If you're looking for a laid-back brunch, a dining option with something for everyone or some booze early in the day, City Works is the place to go. Prices are affordable, and combine with a great menu, an entertaining venue and great service for an accessible brunch that is high in quality.

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