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DINING REVIEW: Blaze Pizza in Disney Springs

Updated: May 16

Blaze Pizza is a unique dining option when it comes to Walt Disney World® Resort, as few other restaurants exist outside of the Disney bubble. That means the Blaze Pizza app works for mobile orders, as well as securing deals and discounts and earning points.

If you've had a customize-it-yourself pizza joint before, then Blaze will be familiar. If you have not, then it functions like any restaurant where you fully customize your entree. Blaze allows you to choose your pizza dough, sauce and toppings. Its high level of customization means it will likely satisfy everyone in the party, and makes for a great option for most.

It helps that Blaze's ingredients are high quality; every combination I have ever put together has tasted great. Whether a lighter chicken pesto or vegetarian pizza is your preference or you are closer to a put-everything-on-it pizza, blaze doesn't just get the job done, it excels at it. There are tons of excellent, table-covering pizzas at Walt Disney World Resort, and Blaze manages to compete with their quality at a fraction of the price.

It is one of the most vegan-friendly restaurants on property too, with a robust selection of vegan crusts and toppings that are as good as the non-vegan choices. Much of their vegan ingredients—cheeses included—are kept separately from their dairy and meat counterparts so there is no need for concern when it comes to cross-contamination.

Blaze Pizza is also one of the most affordable options in all of Disney property. Prices are great for the enormous personal pizzas, and are even better if you decide to split them. They are big enough if appetites are not particularly heavy, and even more so if a cheese bread or dessert is included.

The desserts, on that note, are fine. They are certainly worth the price if included in a deal, but my top suggestion is, if you have the time, to put in for the virtual queue at Gideon's before heading over to Blaze for your meal.

Do note that seating can become taken quickly for Blaze, and lines to get food can often grow long. I suggest mobile ordering via the Blaze Pizza app while on your way. Outdoor tables are great if you can secure a spot, while inside can get loud and busy. If the weather is nice, consider parking it in an alcove and having a picnic out in Disney Springs.

Either way you slice it (pun intended), Blaze Pizza is a fantastic quick service option that can help save the wallet without sacrificing quality.

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