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Common lingo used in Galaxy’s Edge

Disney has gone to great lengths to ensure that its new Star Wars-themed land, Galaxy’s Edge is its most immersive area ever. With alien food and drinks, original clothing and stores and a unique language that can only be translated using the Disney Parks App, the parks have never felt so involving.

Every detail of the land exudes that immersion, right down to the dialogue used by cast members. They say phrases that pertain exclusively to the foreign planet of Batuu, and some of them even have responses that guests can use.

Here’s what everyone at the Black Spire Outpost is saying:

Bright Suns and Rising Moons

That’s how everyone on Batuu says “hello.” It’s based off of the multiple suns and moons around the planet, and which greeting you get depends on the time of the day. Most cast members will say it to you when you first meet, and as a visitor to the Blackspire Outpost, you’re encouraged to say it in return.


There are several different ways to say goodbye in Batuu, and “may the spires keep you,” “good journey” and “til the spire” are all of the major ones. It’s great to repeat these phrases to a cast member, but the kicker comes with one of the most classic phrases in all of Star Wars. Members of the Resistance will say “may the Force be with you,” but be cautious using this around where you see the First Order camping out in Galaxy’s Edge. It’s a phrase that doesn’t exactly sit well with those on the dark side.

Only the Ancients Know

This one is easy, it means “I don’t know.”


This is what money is referred to at all stores and restaurants on Batuu. Don’t worry, it has the same exact ratio as the U.S. dollar.


Looking for a restroom? Look no further. If a cast member points out a refresher to you, then they’re pointing you in the direction of the bathroom.


These are water fountains. As a bonus, there’s a water bottle refill station in Galaxy’s Edge, a welcome addition that will hopefully find itself in the parks more as time goes on.

Data Pad

Cell phone. These are a bit more foreign on the world of Batuu than our own, so don’t be surprised if someone makes a comment about your alien device.

Youngling and Youngling Transports

These refer to children and their strollers, respectively.

And that’s everything you need to talk like a local on Batuu. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so much new types of interaction in a recently opened theme park land, but fortunately, great cast members make it easy to slip into character.

Featured image ©Disney.

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