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Can you still visit Walt Disney World Resort for the 50th anniversary?

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With the recent announcement that Remy's Ratatouille Adventure opening at the start of the 50th anniversary celebrations, booking a vacation for Oct. 1, 2021 has become an ever-enticing option. But what is available?

Park Pass Availability

Though we have no way of knowing what capacity limits will truly look like in October, we do know that park reservations will still be required. At this point in time, some a park has run completely out of reservations for Oct. 1 (namely, Magic Kingdom® Park, but Epcot® is likely filling due to that day being the opening for Walt Disney World Resort's® newest attraction), though some still remain. No other day has yet to be entirely booked for any park during the 50th anniversary celebrations, and some reservations can be made available for full parks between now and October.

What that all means is that no park entrance is guaranteed, and the longer you wait, the less your chances of getting the exact experience as you want will be. There is still extensive amounts of availability left—including Oct. 1—but the longer you wait to book, the sooner that may not hold as true.

Resort Availability

Resort availability can sometimes feel like a greater commodity than that of park passes, as value resorts have been slimly available for the 50th for some time now.The strategy here is the same as it is for getting theme park reservations for the anniversary: book as soon as you are interested in going.

Window of Opportunity

The anniversary celebrations are scheduled to continue for 18 months, so there is a lot of time to plan a vacation and see all the event has to offer. That said, there is of course only one day where it is possible to visit on the exact 50th anniversary.

Should you be interested in that day, it is important to book as soon as you are available to do so. Otherwise, later that week, and the rest of the celebrations, look to provide plenty opportunity for guests.

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