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Breaking down Disney's busiest times of the year

Updated: May 20

Though most seasons have seen increased crowd levels at Walt Disney World® Resort, several times throughout the year coincide with higher crowd levels than usual. For those who want to circumvent the longest wait times or get the best use of Disney Genie+ with less guests aiming for key attractions, visiting around these high-traffic dates can provide a slower pace to vacation.

School Breaks and Holidays

When schools across the United States are typically out for holidays, crowd levels rise. Though those crowds tend to spread out significantly more over the summer, Mardi Gras, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve all see crowd levels boost significantly.

Though crowd levels rarely see the same peaks during Halloween as they do during school breaks, those who want to attend a Halloween party on the day of the holiday will want to make plans to purchase event tickets as early as they come available, as the party on that day often books to capacity.

Race Weekends

Many runners take their Walt Disney World Resort vacation around the different marathon and race weekends throughout the year. For fellow runners, this dream-come-true surrounds athletes with like-minded individuals from around the world. The near-tangible excitement pervades the parks all weekend and beyond is special to behold for those who don't mind the crowds, but those wishing to avoid them may want to visit just after the week proceeding the race.

Those interested can learn more about runDisney here.

Competition Weekends

Cheer and dance team competitions bring tons of excitement to Walt Disney World Resort, but also brings large groups of people. Those who prefer the parks when times are calmer may want to vacation in the summer and fall, as the competitions regularly take place throughout the spring.

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