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Be Our Guest changed, but what’s different?

Be Our Guest Restaurant has become one of the most sought-after reservations in Walt Disney World® Resort. Its gorgeous atmosphere feels like it was pulled straight out of Beauty and the Beast, and its change from a quick service restaurant at lunch to a table service restaurant at dinner offers plenty of price points and dining options for every guest.

But the iconic restaurant has undergone several changes, and a lot of them are for the better.

Breakfast and Lunch

It’s not uncommon to see individual menu items change during the earlier meals of the day, although it isn’t directly correlated to the restaurant’s new changes. Fans of the breakfast and lunch experiences at Be Our Guest Restaurant can expect much of the same. It’s a quality dining without the time or monetary investment of dinner, and the ability to seat yourself allows you to dine in the rooms with lesser seating that you might not normally get to see, like the west wing.


Dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant has received a complete overhaul. It’s no longer à la carte but is instead a prix fixe menu that more heavily embraces French cuisine. The three-course meal includes an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert, and it boasts enough food at an incredible quality that its price of $55 two table service credits is justified.

Appetizers include escargot with herb-garlic butter and toasted gremolada, French onion soup, Maine lobster bisque, charred octopus, mixed field greens, and assorted meats and artisanal cheeses. Entrees include a center-cut filet mignon that comes served on top of Yukon potatoes and seasoned vegetables, smoked ricotta and corn tortellini with peppadew relish, spice-dusted lamb chops with roasted and charred vegetables, poulet rouge chicken with faro wheat risotto, saffron-infused seafood bouillabaisse, and roasted pork tenderloin. The only dessert offered is a trio that includes an almond macaron with lemon jam and raspberries, a dark chocolate truffle, and a white chocolate “Chip” cup that is served in the character its named after and topped with the famous Grey Stuff.

Everything is plated gorgeously, and it’s become obvious that an extra level of care has been put into the preparation of every dish.

For those wanting kid-friendly options, there’s a three-course menu for the younger guests at $35 a person.

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