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Attractions with the best views at Disney’s Hollywood Studios®

We previously examined the three best views in Magic Kingdom® Park, and while not always as obvious or as abundant, Disney’s Hollywood Studios® has its fair share of sights as well. A lot of the park consists of shows with their own special viewpoints, but there are a couple on rides that really stand out.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™Attraction

It’s obvious that the attraction that towers over most of the park would give the best view, and it’s one that comes with a unique contrast to the views the most other rides give. The sprawling glimpse of Disney’s Hollywood Studios® is only there for a fleeting moment before it plummets guests toward the floor.

Slinky Dog Dash

While the star of Toy Story Land gives an awesome look of the land itself, it’s what it shows beyond those boundaries is what makes the view so great. Attentive guests can see a massive portion of Galaxy’s Edge, the currently under-construction Star Wars-themed land. It’ll presumably give the same view of the area once construction is complete, meaning that this view will only get better over time.

All pictures used are copyrighted by Disney.

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