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Are Disney water parks closed in the winter?

Updated: May 16

Florida's climate is usually temperate, and though December through March see their fair share of cold weather days, many days throughout typically colder months feature considerably warmer weather than elsewhere in the United States.

For those looking to escape the chill at home and experience Disney's incredibly themed water parks in the Florida warmth, the parks are open year-round with some exceptions.

At times, each of the two water parks go under significant refurbishments to keep them safely operating and up to theme. Disney usually tries to keep at least one water park open at a time, if not both. The parks can close if weather doesn't permit its operation, so days with especially cold weather, intense winds and thunderstorms can lead to closure. December—when the average temperature trends around 75°F— and the year's early months can be tricky. Guests who are okay with swimming in those moderate temperatures will find plenty of fun on those days, but when the temperature drops to excessive lows, the parks will be closed.

We suggest monitoring weather forcasts in advance of your trip and forming a backup plan in case the weather impacts your time at the water parks.

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