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All about Disneyland Resort’s Food & Wine Festival

Updated: May 16

Much like what Walt Disney World® hosts in the fall, Disneyland® Resort hosts its own California Adventure Food & Wine Festival. Taking place in Disney California Adventure® Park from Feb. 28-April 21, the festival spans kiosk booths and additional events.

The kiosks, much like those in Florida, serve festival-exclusive food items that differ per location. It’s the main draw of the festival, and these periodic kiosks help give extra life to an already vibrant park.

Culinary demonstrations and cooking sessions for younger guests allow everyone to get their hands on kitchen equipment and cook in instructed courses. A more hands-on experience, this is perfect for those who either want to learn cooking skills, or fancy themselves to be more the chef than the foodie.

Sonoma Terrace has an expanded menu during the event, where guests can sample a variety of beer, wine and cocktails that are not normally available.

Soarin’ Around the World® Attraction brings back its original California variation during the event, and several character meet-and-greets and entertainment performances fill the rest of the park.

With a reservation, Carthay Circle and Steakhouse 55 offer winemaker dinners and receptions, with additional mixology sessions being hosted throughout the event.

And as with every festival, there’s a host of exclusive merchandise that helps commemorate the unforgettable event.

While it bares a similar name to its Walt Disney World Resort counterpart, the California Adventure Food & Wine Festival is unlike any other event, combining the intimacy and excitement of one of Disney’s most unique theme parks with the themes of one of its most beloved festivals.

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